Smuggled Goods

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Legally smuggled goods, of course. From my parents' trip to Paris/Brussels/Brugge.

Leonidas Belgian Chocolate

First, the best chocolates ever, from Leonidas in Belgium. I still remember having these my first time in 4th grade (tagging along on my dad's business trip to Brussels).

Macarons from Paris

And secondly, macarons wrapped like jewelry, from La Biscuiterie de Montmartre. A little squished, but not much worse for wear.

Macarons from Paris

Food makes the best souvenir :)


Liv said...

I've been craving chocolates this week and this post isn't helping me resist temptation!

iris said...

Haha, yeah, it's rough for me because I ran out of milk yesterday. I can't eat sweets without milk :(

Moral of the story: I should get off my lazy rear and head to the grocery store.

Jammer said...

omg those looks AMAZING!!!

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