Chocolate Overload

Monday, February 14, 2011

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In the run-up to what is possibly the biggest chocolate-associated holiday of the year, seeing chocolate everywhere put me in mind of a whole different kind of chocolate outlandishness....

I adore practically every recipe in this book -- I had to compose a shortlist just to prioritize my baking. Some are a bit more involved that others, but the end result is generally well-worth the effort. One of the more ambitious products of my inspired baking spree was the Chocolate Cake with Mystery Ganache, pictured below.

The mystery ingredient? Tomato soup. Trust me, it's delicious -- makes a wonderfully rich, dark and not overly sweet chocolatey goodness.

I made this cake for Christmas, but I think a redux would be fairly apropos, no?


h said...

Dude. Search for 'apropos' on this blog. Both the posts are written by you.

That being said, I'm not opposed to putting nutrition in my icings, hahahaha. Mmm, mystery nutrition.

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