Quick Project: Lavender Sachet

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lavender Sachet

I've had this trial lavender embroidery hanging around for awhile (since 2008, really). I finally obtained some affordable lavender buds from etsy/JensEnchantedGarden and converted it into this little zipper-less lavender sachet to keep in my dresser. I mostly followed a tutorial I did awhile back for the pillowcase, but if you're interested in sachet-specific details, my flickr account contains the rest of the information.

Step 1: Cut Fabric to Desired Size Step 2: Hem a Short Edge on Each Lace Piece
Step 3: Right Sides Together, Sew Around Step 4: Flip the Pillowcase Inside Out
Step 5: Prepare the Lavender Step 6: Place Lavender into Satchel

You could fill the little lace-backed pillowcase with potpourri or any of an assortment of smelly things (cedar?). It's fun to do a little embroidery project first, just to get some practice.

Step 7: Done!


Kris said...

Pretty! I definitely need practice with embroidery, mine is not that great.

h said...

Yeah, mine neither, but this is sort of the ultimate embroidery practice. Especially if you just bought a bucket-load of lavender ;)

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