Success: Split Pea Soup

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Split Pea Soup

Another in a long string of soups I've cooked this winter. Temperatures may have been in the 60s, and I may have been wearing sandals around town, but TheKitchn's Split Pea Soup still seemed a good idea. It comes together easily, and is full of flavor.

Split Pea Soup

I swapped some "Herbs de Provence" mix for the fresh Thyme. 'Replaced the smoked ham bone with a spoonful of bacon fat (I think this may have given the soup a slightly sweet flavor) along with some smoked paprika. After refrigeration the soup tends to thicken a bit, but can be fixed with some added chicken broth before reheating.

Split Pea Soup
"Just watch; we'll be lucky if we get even a miso cold snap."


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