Success: Mushroom Lasagna

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Another week of stressful insanity, another post on something tasty I created.

Mushroom Lasagna

I did all kinds of things wrong with this mushroom lasagna from SmittenKitchen. I bought the oven-ready pasta, and then boiled it anyways. I simmered the milk too long, so the sauce ended up not being particularly spreadable. I forgot to rinse the pasta pot out before making the b├ęchamel sauce in it, which only made the sauce thicker. But it all turned out well, just not very photogenic ;)

Mushroom Lasagna

In the end, this lasagna is just way too much effort for the flavor it provides...oh, but go easy on the black pepper. We'll see how well the lasagna defrosts...tomorrow?

Mushroom Lasagna


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