Success: Green Pockets

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Green Pockets

Oh man. You absolutely must try these green pockets from Serious Eats.

Green Pockets

They're like homemade hot pockets, but full of kale and mustard green goodness (I've also used collard greens, equally tasty). I skipped the coriander and used some garam masala spice mix instead. I would recommend putting some freshly grated Parmesan cheese on the greens before they're sealed & baked in the bread, to give it some fattening qualities ;) The bread might also be able to use a bit more salt. I got 9 pockets out of this recipe, but I'd probably try stretching the bread out a bit more to get ~12. But they really are tasty as they are. These recommendations would just put them at over the top awesomeness.

[Edit 4/13/11: Freshly reheated green pockets make great hand-warmers, when placed in your pocket on a chilly day.]

Green Pockets


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