A Wedding Doily

Sunday, August 21, 2011

'Afternoon Tea' Doily by Ocie Jordan

I like to put a little bit of thoughtfulness into wedding presents for friends. Because, honestly, buying a $50 butter dish off a registry (or as in my case, a gift card) does not really require any real focused thought on my part. So, I pair my presents with a doily. That's right, I celebrate weddings by spending 20+ hours concentrating on every stitch of an outdated decor item. But it makes me happy, just as seeing my friends happy makes me happy. This is how it is.

This latest one, a pattern from Ocie Jordan involves both pinwheel and pineapple motifs. Doily pineapples may not actually look like pineapples, but they're pretty much my favorite things to make. Mmmm, pineapples.

'Afternoon Tea' Doily by Ocie Jordan
My prime lens' shallow DoF, making its presence known, obnoxiously.


Allison said...

Wow, that is really cool. How many hours does it take to make something like that?
I *can* knit, although not very well, but forget crocheting. My mom is really good at both but I just didn't get those genes, I guess. I've tried to learn, several times, but I just can't.

Unknown said...

This is so thoughtful!! You seem to be a very professional doily maker.

Anonymous said...

That is insane...

h said...

Allison (#1)- A doily takes at least 20 hours to finish. Of course, this generally depends on size. The one in this blog post is what I consider a medium size, so it likely took a bit more than 20 hours. It's a good activity for waiting at the bus stop :)

Mollie said...

it's beautiful and totally unique! you are awesome, iris :)

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