Yosemite: The Backpacking Packing List

Sunday, August 7, 2011

I really like making pictorial packing lists and the California backpacking trip is no exception. This is my current backpacking packing list for two people for 2-3 days hiking (although, I didn't show doubles of personal items, like sleeping bags). It's pretty much the same stuff I'd bring for longer trips, but with less food.

Looking at this again, I'm wondering if maybe we're overpacking a bit? ...but then, what to eliminate?

Row 1: Chemical water treatment (backup for the filter), Water filter, Cookset (or part of it, anyways), Tiny camp stove and fuel, Fire starter, Magnetic bear bell, and Toilet paper.
Row 2: SLR Gorillapod, Camera, Sporks, Waterproof matches, Pocketknife, Itch/Rash ointment, Clear nail polish (stops fraying), and SPF chapstick/nail file/toiletries/etc.
Row 3: Lightweight tent, First Aid Kit, Extra pain-killers (because backpacking can hurt), Sunscreen, Blister Care, Stuff sacks, Compression sacks, Dry bag, Dr. Bronners soap (it's biodegradeable!), and Soap case.
Row 4: Microfiber camp towel, Camp lantern, Mummy sleeping bag, Headlamp, Compressible pillow, Foam sleeping mat (or Inflatable sleeping pad for fancy people), Plastic bags, GPS (optional), Nalgene water bottles (or swap one for a Water bladder), Paracord (or straps or something to tie stuff with), ~60L Backpack, Pack rain cover, and Trekking poles.

Clothing: Moisture-wicking t-shirt, 3-in-1 Jacket (if the weather forecast is chilly), Bandanna, Goofy sun hat, Sunglasses, Convertible pants/capris OR gym shorts (depending on weather forecast), Swimsuit, assorted undergarments, Sock liners, Hiking socks, Hiking boots, and Sturdy/comfy flip flops.
Food: S'mores, Freeze-dried food, Best.Granola.Ever (my fav + locally produced), and Cherry pie Larabars (because I could live on them).


Anonymous said...

oh gosh I seriously dislike packing!

h said...

debbie- I try to make it more enjoyable, by creating pictorial packing lists. I'm not sure it works ;)

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

This is great! Next time I go hiking I am referring to this list :)

Cindy said...

ahh I hope your trip goes well! That's so much to pack. I seriously get overwhelmed when I pack for long trips! xD

these pictorials are really cool though, I hope they help you out! :)

Sam W. said...

great list!! and yes please to the larabars :)

cailen ascher said...

i would absolutely no help eliminating stuff - i would probably pack more than you! haha

Deidre said...

Seems like a great list to me! pictoral packing is an interesting idea. I always just throw everything on my bed and then start eliminating stuff

Matthew Spade said...

that is a lot of stuff, it's going to be super heavy. get the sporks, i've got one in orange which i used for a photoshoot one time but i still have it on my desk cos i like the way it looks.

thanks for the comments you left, edinburgh was amazing sadly not enough time there though. and thanks again for the feedback on my illustration, it took yonks!

Kris said...

I just have a spreadsheet for packing lists of different types - backpacking, camping, hostel, etc. I like your pictorial though. It reminds me of the cover of The Complete Walker IV, a great gear guide. I don't think you're overpacking but I am definitely an overpacker. Be prepared! With regard to the bear bell, when I was hiking at Glacier and Yellowstone in May, they both told me that it makes bears curious instead of repelling them. Really you should be talking loudly, singing and clapping while you hike to warn them away.

h said...

Kristin- We asked the rangers about the bear bell, and they told us it was dorky. lol. So we went without, and were not eaten by bears. Imagine that!

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