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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

This post hints a bit at my giant nerdiness, which I generally keep under wraps by cooking and knitting and traveling. And right now, I just don't care.

Creeper Minecraft Papercraft
Minecraft Papercraft Creeper

If J's birthday present topper [above] is any indicator, we are completely and totally addicted to the indie sandbox game, Minecraft. You're pretty much stranded on an unknown map and need to use the materials around you to build...whatever you want. First you must build a shelter, because monsters come out at night, but after that you can create to your heart's content. Train tracks. Suspension bridges. Buddha statues. Modular mountain mansions. You can grow wheat and get into animal husbandry.

It's only made more addictive by the fact that you can share a world with your friends, so that all of you are building on the same map. Cooperative construction!

I didn't have anything better to do with my downtime anyways ;)

I should mention that the blockiness of Minecraft has something to do with its Lego-like nature. Think virtual Legos.

[Edit 2/29/12: Added my Cookie Monster Minecraft skin, because who doesn't need one?]


Why Girls Are Weird said...

Virtual Legos? Yes please!

Atley said...

I have plugged about 90 Hours of my life into that game. If I had more time I would probably do more . It's fun.

Stephanie said...

...Did you build a library?? Love it!!!

I'm pretty sure I need to stay away from this game though, I'm fairly certain I'd get nothing else done if I started playing it. ;-)

h said...

Atley- I don't even want to think how much of my time has been thrown into the black hole that is this game.

Yes, Stephanie, I built a fancy library with a chandelier. If I were to be stranded on an island, a library with a chandelier would be most welcome.

Unknown said...

My son would love you! He could use a minecraft mentor...:) I downloaded the game for him as a christmas gift and made a card with his game code. The cover was of the pixelated pig and cow in santa hats.

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