World's Spookiest Hike: Lake Twenty Two

Sunday, September 2, 2012

You seriously need to read Ingunn's blog post about hiking Lake Twenty Two first. And then look at my photos. It's like two different planets.

Foggy Hike to Lake Twenty Two
Have you ever wanted to walk through Mordor? Then this hike might be for you!

We encountered some serious fog on this ~7 mile hike around Lake Twenty Two. Not to mention some serious out-of-breathed-ness on that 1,300 foot incline as I am way out of shape. Nonetheless, we trudged onwards and found snow at the top of our journey. I'm fairly certain the fog was hiding some amazing views, although it did make for an interesting photographic effect.

On our way down, we encountered some skinny rodent-like creature that neither of us have seen before. Too long in the torso to be a mouse. It's a mystery.

Walking Through Mordor
Snow Capped!
Foggy Hike to Lake Twenty Two Foggy Hike to Lake Twenty Two
Fading into nothing
Foggy Hike to Lake Twenty Two
Foggy Hike to Lake Twenty Two Boardwalk
Foggy Hike to Lake Twenty Two
Name that creature!!
Name that creature!


Ingunn said...

I think that's some sort of Marten - cool!! They're relatively rare, a very cool sighting (to make up for the lack of views) looks young, too!

h said...

Ah, my roommate saw the photo and exclaimed that it was a marten, so that's two people with the same hunch. Promising.

Jim said...

It would have had to have been a baby then! It super tiny compared to Marten pics on the internet.

rooth said...

You are so right - that first picture is like the scene where Sam and Frodo get lost in the bogs. Maybe the skinny creature was a mini Gollum!

missris said...

These pics are crazy.

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