Success: Foraged Blackberry Pie Face

Friday, August 31, 2012

Blackberry Pie Makin'
I came home to this. J making blackberry pie. My boyfriend, making one of the most complicated pie dough recipes I've seen. It involved buttermilk and bread crumbs and an egg wash!

For such valiant efforts, we were rewarded with a crying (but delicious) foraged blackberry pie face. Cryingly delicious?

J based the recipe off of Joy the Baker's Blueberry Blackberry Pie, but used only found blackberries and added it to Joy the Baker's overly complicated pie crust. Seriously. Dough does not need to be so complex (exhibit A: SmittenKitchen's all butter pie crust).

It is very, very good. It might even be better cooled in the fridge than fresh. Undecided.

Blackberry Pie
Crying Blackberry Pie
These hands!
Sealing the Top Crust
Wild Blackberries Collected Down the Street


Unknown said...

A man that bakes; score!...and blackberry pie too...what a lucky duo!

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