That awkward moment...

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

...when you intend to buy a houseplant, but instead buy a baby tree. Oh well.

Faux Bamboo Brass Bar Cart
I went on a thrift store adventure in the South Hills of Pittsburgh the other day, yielding some decent finds. Two Goodwills and a Salvation Army Superstore. Combine that with an Estate Sale and Craigslist visits, I'm doing quite well in the vintage department: 4 Anchor Hocking Wexford short tumblers for $.69/each, a knock-off Wegner folding rope chair to accompany my other one, a faux bamboo brass bar cart, a gold filigree mirror, threaded Christmas ball ornaments, all the red candles in the world, a bar tool set, and another plastic storage tub (of course).

And then I drove out in Sandy to buy a penguin ice bucket from Pier 1, because that's how serious it got around here.

Knock-off Wegner Chair #2 Estate Sale Mirror


Annie Smith said...

Looks like you're ready to be the hostess with the mostest!! Have a happy TG, my friend!

rooth said...

Nice finds - seems like you got some bargains too

Jenny said...

Beautiful space!

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

Sounds like you did very very well on your thrifting adventure. Love that rope chair.

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