Scotland: Inverness

Friday, June 14, 2013

Inverness Sunset

The main purpose for visiting Inverness, the capitol of Scotland's highlands, is (of course) to see Loch Ness. With three nights in this lovely city, we spent one day on a Jacobite Boat Cruise of the loch and the second day we visited a Speyside whisky distillery, Cragganmore, as well as Culloden Battlefield, and Macbeth-famous Cawdor Castle.

We didn't spot Nessie on the boat's sonar scanner, but I didn't see her 6 years ago either, and I was considerably more liquored up then. This time around I was afflicted with an intense sinus cold, but apparently not enough to affect my monster-radar-senses!

Inverness is a lovely, walkable city, with a pretty active live music scene on Friday nights (we couldn't find a pub that didn't have a band or two playing). We ended up at Johnny Foxes most nights, simply because it was still open.

On our way back to Edinburgh, we made a lunch stop at Stirling, with some of the clearest weather. I love being able to see clouds' shadows on a valley!

Loch Ness Boat Cruise
Loch Ness Boat Cruise
Loch Ness Boat Cruise
Loch Ness Boat Cruise
Hairy Coo
Cawdor Castle
Scottish Countryside
Stirling Castle


Allison said...

While you're hunting for sea monsters, you should check out Lake Champlain.A good family friend was featured on The Daily Show a long time ago (1999) about hunting for champ. I found the link!

rooth said...

Beautiful! I'm a little relieved that you didn't end up seeing Nessie

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