Blue and White

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Henceforth known as the world's most boring blog post.

Blue & White Royal Copenhagen Knock Off Plates

I posted about my pretty awesome find of Royal Copenhagen knock-off plates back in 2009 when I originally nabbed the 'Blue Denmark' and 'Indies' plates, but I've been slowly collecting ever since. It helps me accommodate an ever-growing holiday dinner party while also ensuring that no tears are shed if a plate gets lost or broken. I am not limited to a particular pattern, I'm just limited to a rather populous color scheme.

Back in 2008 I had just moved to Pittsburgh and donated all my college dinnerware to a plate-less friend. I was accumulating this mix & match collection of blue and white plates in some naive attempt to feel more adult. No longer living near my family, no longer living with a roommate, starting over. Starting with new dinnerware is an easy enough place to begin. I had blue and white plates. I was classy.

I still am classy, goddamnit.

Johnson Bros Englad 1883 "Blue Denmark" Plate Churchill Made in Columbia Plate
Johnson Bros England 1883 "Indies" Plate Pier 1 "Eliza"


My Garden Diaries said...

You are classy lady! And those plates are just too amazing! We have boring old white plates and I have been itching lately to shake it up..maybe pattern maybe color or maybe both...who knows!!!! Your collection is divine!!

karen said...

you are very classy!

I just ditched all of my old stoneware for fiesta ware and I am hooked on their bright bold colors, eating never has been so good.

Rebecca Thering said...

Those are gorgeous! Where do you find most of them?

missris said...

I finally got rid of my plain clear dinner plates from Target, now that we're getting married and I have grownup things like a registry. The possibilities!

rooth said...

Those are definitely classy :) And if you're not a classy lady, then I don't know who is

Anonymous said...

Hi, just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading your blog! I nominated you for a Liebster Award, which is just a fun way to connect with other bloggers. You answer a series of questions, then pass it on to blogs you read (a little chain letter-y, but in a networking way...). You can check out my post if you're interested:

h said...

My Garden Diaries - you could keep the white dinner plates and have brightly patterned bowls/dessert plates. That's basically the inverse of what I currently have!

karen - my last set of plates were knock-off fiestaware. They're sturdy buggers!

Rebe- the plates have come from TJ Maxx/Marshall's, The Christmas Tree Shoppes, and Pier 1 (via Goodwill). We're talking less than $4 a plate here, so just the usual suspects ;)

missris- just so long as they're not so fancy, you can never use them. I never understood that idea, especially considering the infrequency with which modern families hold fancy dinners.

Rooth- Thanks! Although, you've never heard me speak, and I actually talk like a sailor ;)

Laura D - Thanks!

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