Week 2:: Study of Light: Daylight Bulbs

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Daylight Bulb, Auto White Balance
This photo was taken at night.

Arrow & Apple was having a 50% off sale on their lighting e-course, so I figured her photography is absolutely gorgeous, why not try and learn a thing or two?

While Week 1 was for gathering supplies, this week was for using daylight bulbs. I took random photos with two set-ups, and did three white balances (Auto, Incandescent, Daylight) for both bulbs (soft white, 5000 kelvin). And this is what we have, completely unedited!

Daylight Bulb, Auto White Balance Daylight Bulb, Sunlight White Balance
Daylight Bulb: Auto (L) & Sunlight (R) White Balance
Incandescent Bulb, Auto White Balance Incandescent Bulb, Incandescent White Balance
Incandescent Bulb: Auto (L) & Incandescent (R) White Balance

I already knew that using the wrong auto white balance setting with the wrong kind of light would be weird, but just so you know: if you'd like an orange photo, use an incandescent bulb with sunlight white balance and if you'd like a blue photo, use a daylight bulb with incandescent white balance.

Incandescent Bulb, Daylight White Balance Daylight Bulb, Incandescent Whtie Balance
Incandescent Bulb, Sunlight White Balance (L) & Daylight Bulb, Incandescent White Balance (R)

soft white bulb
soft white bulb
daylight bulb
daylight bulb


My Garden Diaries said...

I love the light and color in your photos...the shots came out wonderful!!! I miss the days where I could hop over to the studio to paint and work on various color studies. Have a great week!

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