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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wildwood Umbrella

I always say it's not a vacation unless I'm at the beach. Although, this comes from a Jersey girl, so it all makes sense. Give me your burning hot sand, your dead jellyfish, your mouthfuls/nosefuls/eyefulls of saltwater, your cheesy mini golf, your sandy sandwiches any and everyday. I pretty much can't relax unless I've inhaled at least one gallon of sand. All this only a 6 hour drive away!

I'm sort of in love with the retro-ness of the Jersey shore. Hotels that were built in the 60s and 70s, remodeled a bit in the 80s, but mostly kept the same. Fake palm trees. Neon signs. Step back in the past for awhile. And then go to the boardwalk, which is lined with junk food and sleezy t-shirt shops and carnival rides. The two-faces of the Jersey Shore. We were in the Wildwoods in southern New Jersey which didn't appear to show any wear from Hurricane Sandy (unlike some points North), so the crowds on the boardwalk were still quite lively. As many neon pink shredded belly shirts as a girl could want.

As much as the "Jersey Shore" reality television show seems to make everyone believe that the beach is full of sleezy nightclubs and juiced up 20-somethings, it's really a very family-oriented place. Have you ever been down the shore? If not, please stop making faces when I say I'm going to a New Jersey beach. Is this really all that sleezy?

Blue Palms
Retro Wildwood Motel
The Dolphin Motel (Retro)
Retro Motel Sign, Skylark Motel
Wildwoods Sign
Wildwood From Atop the Ferris Wheel
Ferris Wheel, Long Exposure
Wildwood Beach (Rio Grande)
Wildwood Beach (Rio Grande)
Rainy Wildwood Boardwalk
Beach Flowers


Danielle said...

Sing it, girl! I hate when people who have no experience with the shore pass judgement on it. Though I wasn't able to get back up this year so I fear that most of my memories are in the "points north" of which you speak and will never be quite the same.

My Garden Diaries said...

I haven't been but I'm intrigued with New Jersey in general. I have always imagined you folks to be a bit like Chicagoans. The retro vibe of the shore is very cool..I'm in!! Wonderful photography!

rooth said...

You're right - it looks SO retro. When's the best time to go and miss the crush of the summer time?

Jillian said...

I really enjoy Point Pleasant and it's close to where my parents live now. And most recently, Cape May. It was such a different experience than most of the beaches I've been to in NJ. I tend to ONLY go to NJ beaches and skip NY beaches altogether for some reason.

Was this only Wildwood or are are these pics from all different beaches?

h said...

My Garden Diaries - since most of NJ is suburbs, we're actually just really really boring folk. There's some farmland and some run down cities (I'm looking at you, Newark & Trenton) which will be different, and also the year-round shore folk. So...yeah. Different places, different people.

rooth - crowds die down a bit after Labor Day, and there's also a ton of hotel specials then. So September is a good time to go, especially since the water is still warm-ish.

Jillian- all of these photos are from Wildwood. We were only there for a few days and didn't really have a need to move around too much.

Linda @ a design snack said...

We have great memories of Wildwood. Haven't been back in years.

Victoria said...

Oh wow that looks awesome !! Now youre making me wanna take a vacation :D

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