Craft Pantry Redo

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Craft Closet + Z's Room (7/2013) Pantry
"After" on the left, and "Before" on the right

When we got Z, we made some room in the craft pantry for her stuff: food, water, litter box. It wasn't long before the bookshelf started disintegrating and I realized that having a slightly more organized craft room might make everything a bit more pleasant in that tiny room. So I purchased some wire shelves, and a bunch of baskets to keep my craft supplies from getting dusty. It's still somewhat crammed, but at least the look is more cohesive. And what the heck, wire shelves are versatile and can be collapsed down to just their poles & shelves for space-saving.

Crigslist is good to those who are patient. I obtained these two five foot wire shelving units for $60, which is about half price, and the Ikea Branas baskets are all the old style, non-collapsing ones that I got for $5 each, also via craigslist. Purchasing certain Ikea items used on craigslist can be a wise choice, especially for many of their non-MDF items. My desk was a craigslist Ikea purchase, as was the coffee table and some new Helmer drawer units I've yet to photograph.

Craft Closet (7/2013)
<Craft Closet (7/2013) Craft Closet (7/2013)


My Garden Diaries said...

What a beautiful space! I love the light you get in there and your organization is creative and it looks plain awesome!!!

h said...

Thanks, but I'd prefer if the sunlight was in the kitchen, instead of in the pantry! Heh

rooth said...

Good tip about stalking Craigslist for good deals - I have a tough time being patient though!

Stephanie said...

It looks really great! I love that sunlight!

Alicia | Jaybird Blog said...

Wow! What a well-organized space. Those wire shelves look great, and such a simple but strong design could work well with any kind of decor. I'll have to look into some of those for our laundry room...we currently have a bunch of gross piles sitting around, looking sad and lumpy. Very inspiring.

Unknown said...

I always love catching up on your blogging adventures! Triangle quilts, caching, and tardis?!?! Pretty fabulous. I hope your new crafty space brings you much inspiration all winter long.

missris said...

I'm going to come over and craft in your craft room. It's just lovely.

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