Giving Thanks

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Every year my siblings and I must say what we are thankful for before diving into the turkey. We all use the standard list, "I'm thankful for my friends and family and this food", but lately my brain has been recommending some non-traditional additions:
  • I'm thankful I don't have any children (no offense to kids, but
  • I'm thankful I don't have any nut allergies (how many times have you tasted something and been surprised there were nuts?!)
  • I'm thankful for my Tweezerman shears, because, bangs/fringe.
  • I'm thankful I endured my winter internship with some semblance of sanity still in tact.
  • I'm thankful that circumstances have allowed me to have choices in life. Options and control are pretty awesome privileges.

Most of these probably will not make it to the day-of thanks (aaaawkward).
Now, pass the cranberry sauce!

[Edit 12/6/13: Oh, and this list, too:]


Deidre said...

Yes! I'm thankful for many of these things as well (such as the no kids and not having a nut allergy and cranberry sauce, I mean, oh wait.

Alicia | Jaybird: Home in Motion said...

There are a few nonconventional ones on my list too. And yay no kids! I like seeing others' cute kids but I also enjoy great independence.

Happy Thanksgiving!

rooth said...

Okay, these all made me LOL. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving

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