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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Extra Green Sencha

If you do a search on this blog for 'tea' there's about one bajillion positive responses. A lot of tea drinking is done around these parts and my time in Japan exposed me to what I would consider my absolute favorite to date: extra/super green sencha. As the [translated] website describes: "It is a vivid green green tea green tea that is mainly composed of shallow steamed, plus green tea. I became richer taste in the post-fire finish." Well said, Google Translate.

It's really just sencha tea, mixed with matcha green tea powder. In American English, that "green green tea green tea" simply translates to extra or super green sencha. The first cup tastes like a cup of vegetal matcha (without the bowl, whisk, etc.) with no steep-time, the second cup tastes like a cup of sencha with a few minutes' steeping, and the third cup tastes sort of like green tea you get in East Asian restaurants. But those first two cups are absolutely delightful. Just make sure you have a nice open tea strainer.

I'm thinking when my refrigerated extra green sencha supply runs out, of trying a North American-based organic supplier. These guys also sell an organic sakura black tea which was another awesome tea find from Japan.

Extra Green Sencha, 2nd Cup
Extra Green Sencha (My absolute favorite)
Cup of Green Tea


Fashion Lover said...

I love green tea!!


karen said...

i followed over here after reading your extensive comment on the kitchn about tea. i'm going to have to keep up with this blog now. the post about your moop bag put me over the top; i've been a fan of theirs & have had a series of their bags for years. anyway, since i'm a habitual lurker i figured i'd comment on my first visit to try & make up for that. lovely blog.

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