Greek Islands: Athens

Sunday, March 9, 2014

I'm sharing some extended details of my Greek Islands trip from the other year while busy with work. The trip itinerary can be found here.

The Acropolis in Athens
Athens is not part of the Greek Islands, but it is where we spent the last day of our trip. In this way, we flew into one of the most inconvenient islands (i.e., Crete), and then slowly made our way back by ferry to Athens.

The last time I was in Athens, the Acropolis Museum had just opened, and I was unable to visit, but this time around I actually made it inside. It is really a very lovely museum and offers a nice respite from the summer heat. I especially like the top floor which is a to-scale representation of the Parthenon, with giant windows that overlook the Acropolis. Really, really well done.

I also visited the Poet Sandal Maker and now have a second pair of beautifully handmade sandals. Huzzah for souvenirs that serve some sort of purpose!

Athens Athens
The Acropolis in Athens
The Parthenon
The Acropolis in Athens
The Acropolis Museum


My Garden Diaries said...

Oh what I would do to visit Greece...sounds like a wonderful trip! I will have to jump back and read up on your last post! A wonderful week to you! Nicole

Az said...

Wow, I've really enjoyed taking a look at all your wonderful photos... and its one of my dreams to visit Greece soon :)

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