Greek Islands: Santorini

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I'm sharing some extended details of my Greek Islands trip from the other year while busy with work. The trip itinerary can be found here.

Climbing Up to Oia
By the time we made it to Santorini, we'd eaten so many fresh Greek salads, so much feta cheese, so many fresh apricots...and we just kept going. I'm a fan of food vacations.

If given the chance to redo this trip, I would probably swap Santorini out for a smaller, less visited island. Santorini is just so much more tense than necessary. We stayed at Perissa, a black sand beach town, but were able to visit the town of Fira by bus. The next day, we did a boat tour of the caldera, which included a swim in warm sulfur waters, walking on a volcano, and watching the sunset from the town of Oia. It was still quite beautiful, even though a bit hectic.

I was still able to eat my weight in feta.

Perissa, Black Sand Beach at Santorini
Perissa, Black Sand Beach at Santorini
Palea Kameni, dormant volcano
Oia Sunset
Oia Sunset
Lunch at Thirasia
9 Hour Ferry To Athens

  • Crete, 8 days
  • Santorini, 2 days
  • Athens, 1 day


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