Canada for July 4th

Sunday, July 20, 2014

July 4 Fireworks Over Niagara Falls

We decided it was wise to escape to Canada and eat at a Japanese restaurant for America's Independence Day. And this is how we ended up watching fireworks over Niagara Falls on a one night stopover. The display was only about 15 minutes, which is nothing compared to Pittsburgh standard fireworks. But Pittsburgh doesn't have giant waterfalls and an atmosphere that feels as tacky as the Jersey shore boardwalk. Pros and cons.

On our way back to the city, we stopped by Lockport, NY for a boat tour of the underground caves/mines. I have now seen 5-6 canal locks in my lifetime.

July 4 Fireworks Over Niagara Falls
Horseshoe Falls
Flowers at Horseshoe Falls
Katsu Dan, Edamame, and Sushi Pizza at Taki Japanese Restaurant Niagara, ON at night
Lockport Canal Locks
Lockport Underground Caves + Boat Ride
Lockport Underground Caves + Boat Ride


rooth said...

Mmmm that Japanese food looks so darn tasty. Nothing wrong with how you spent your fourth at all

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