How To: Paper Roses

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Magazine Paper Rose adorning a present

Awhile back, I helped a friend assemble a starter set of paper roses for her wedding, based on this DIY storybook paper roses tutorial from 100 Layer Cake. It's a fairly simple concept, although a bit time consuming. It's pretty impressive what you can do with some paper and glue. Anyways, it turns out [unsurprisingly] that you can make these paper roses from lots of different kinds of paper, and use them to adorn whatever. Like a gift for a five year old (above).

Step 0: Supplies
Step 1: Cut petals of different sizes, fold in half
Step 3: Continue gluing petals around previous petals, slowly going up in size
Step 4: While attaching paper petals, bend back some of the edges
Step 5: Continue adding petals until satisfied
Magazine Paper Rose: Side View
Magazine Paper Rose


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