Success: Earl Grey Tea Marshmallows

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Earl Grey Marshmallows

I originally made these marshmallows based off a recipe from JoyTheBaker. I've made them in their standard honey version 2 or 3 times. They are the best things to take camping! But for my birthday I wanted a special twist. So I swapped a cold cup of cream earl grey tea for the cold water in the recipe. It's a very subtle bergamot flavoring. If I wanted it stronger, I would have had to grind up some tea leaves and throw in a tablespoon of those.

In summary, the modifications:
  • I didn't use any corn starch, just confectioner's sugar
  • I used a strong cup of cold cream earl grey tea instead of the cold water
  • No vanilla beans, but 1 Tbsp of homemade vanilla extract
  • Raw honey
Always very, very tasty.

Earl Grey Marshmallows
Earl Grey Marshmallows


Jim said...

That is some dramatic marshmallow lighting.

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