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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Arsenal Lanes

There's a fantastically retro bowling alley in Pittsburgh called Arsenal Lanes. And by retro, I mean, they've been maintaining their decor from the 70s nicely. 'Sure beats your average 90s neon bowling alley. And the bar is lovely. Even lovelier when they host children's birthday parties in it, ahahahahahaha.

We took advantage of their Sunday "Sundaze" special to host a birthday party. $36 per lane, and only 50 cents for shoes, hot dogs, sodas, and games. When I announced that I'd be providing homemade hot dog toppings everyone looked at me like I was off my rocker, but they went over swimmingly.

Homemade Hot Dog Toppings
I brought zucchini pepper relish, quick pickled onions, bacon pieces, crumbled Fritos, and a jar of salsa. Oh, and some dilly beans but they went fairly untouched. Hostess tip - always open jars (and leave the lids off) of food you'd like people to eat. I also may've labeled every jar with a stamp of my face so our guests could know which food is ours, and which belonged to the neighboring kids' tables.

It's nice to be surrounded by all your people.

Bowling at Arsenal Lanes
Bowling at Arsenal Lanes
Cupcakes from Vanilla & Earl Grey Marshmallows
Arsenal Lanes
Mr. Russell's Hairpieces bowling shirt


rooth said...

Bringing your own relish is a wonderfully clever idea - count me in anytime you want to do this again!

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