Canada Trip: Bay of Fundy

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hopewell Rocks - "Flower Pots"

I went to Prince Edward Island on a short trip with my best friend from college recently. Before I found Galata Bridge in Istanbul, PEI was one of my favorite places. It was exactly as lovely as the setting of Anne of Green Gables, and this still rings true today. So I headed back with my friend and first we started with the reverse waterfall of Saint John, the Dickson Falls trail in Fundy National Park, and the Hopewell Rocks. I have a thing for unique topography and beautiful landscapes (over, say, museums) and this area of Canada is fantastic for that.

Saint John isn't necessarily recommended, maybe in Fundy National Park instead, unless you're really into reverse waterfalls. Saint John did not have a whole lot going on, although our AirBnB was a beautiful little Victorian suite, replete with needlepoint artwork. I would've loved to stick around Fundy National Park a bit more and do some more hiking trails. We did the Dickson Falls trail which was short but a bit steep, so not too challenging. After eating 'lunch' in the parking lot of the Alma general store (we had a chronic problem of not eating enough meals on travel days, that's what maple cookies are for!), we headed to Hopewell Rocks. It was after the park's opening hours, but they still let you wander around. Really, really lovely!

Tulips around Saint John
Reverse Waterfall
Reverse Waterfall
Red chairs on the lake
Fundy National Park
Dickson Falls
Dickson Falls Trail
Dickson Falls Dickson Falls Trail
Hopewell Rocks - "Flower Pots"
Hopewell Rocks - "Flower Pots"
Hopewell Rocks - "Flower Pots"
Trees along the trail in The Rocks Provincial Park
Hopewell Rocks (Provincial Park)

Bay of Fundy, 1 night
Prince Edward Island, 3 nights
Halifax, 1 night


rooth said...

I've always been such a big fan of Anne and PEI looks like it's straight out of the stories

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