Canada Trip: Prince Edward Island

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Red Rocks of Cavendish Beach

Oh, the red beaches and wildflowers of Prince Edward Island! The beaches are one of the few features of PEI that surpass the descriptions in Anne of Green Gables. L.M. Montgomery tends to romanticize trees, brooks, and other bodies of water, but the red beaches are difficult to fully visualize from words alone. And lupines aren't exactly common anywhere south of Halifax.

We stayed at a B&B in Charlottetown, the main city on the island, with fantastic location: walking distance to the Charlottetown Harbor, and centrally located. We ended up doing both the Green Gables scenic drive and the Red Sands scenic drive in central PEI in our quest to see the Green Gables Heritage Place, multiple Cows Ice Cream locations, and soooooo many red sandy beaches. I was able to get into the water up to my knees. The North Atlantic isn't exactly toasty in early June!

All the beaches are so exceptionally lovely, as are the picturesque lighthouses, boats, lobster traps, and...I could prattle on forever. There is not a whole lot to do on PEI except relax at the beaches and entertain scenic drives. The food in Charlottetown is wonderfully varied, but outside of town you mostly end up with seafood or lobster houses dealing largely in breaded and fried food.

Anne of Green Gables House
Lilacs in the sky
Flowers at Green Gables Shadow Photo
Lover's Lane
L.M. Montgomery's Cemetary
Cows Ice Cream - Cavendish (#1)
Red Rocks of Cavendish Beach
Red Rocks of Cavendish Beach
Lake of Shining Waters
Breakfast at Leonhard's (AWESOME)
Victoria's Lighthouse
Lobster Traps at Victoria by the Sea
Argyle Beach's Red Shore
Red Sands of Chelton Beach
Chelton Beach (soooooo red)
Point Prim Lighthouse
An alien runs across the landscape... Point Prim Lighthouse
View from the PEI-Nova Scotia Ferry

Bay of Fundy, 1 night
Prince Edward Island, 3 nights
Halifax, 1 night


missris said...

These pictures are incredible.

rainmelon said...

Hahahaha .... the rain pictures. Two cold, miserable tulips.

Anonymous said...

beautiful pics. would love to visit this part of the world one day :)

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Anonymous said...

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holiday basket said...

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