Moving! Sewing Curtains

Friday, November 20, 2015

Curtains for under the bathroom counters

If I just moved, I'm probably making curtains. Even in an apartment that comes complete with blinds.

The unfinished photos of the apartment may not highlight it, but our bathroom has a ton of counter space. And under that counter is...nothing. So we stuffed the open area with cat litter boxes and plastic drawers and laundry detergent. Like one does. I acquired a couple suspension rods and threw together these curtains from beige Ikea fabric to go with our very beige apartment.

I followed my usual curtain-making logic, which may or may not make sense. Equal parts algebra and winging-it. Mostly just winging it.

2 Cut in half (for 2 evenly sized curtains)
4 Iron double-fold hem (+1/4")
8 Sew double-fold hem
9 Iron & pin double-fold hem on bottom (should be larger/heavier than top, if possible), 1/4" + larger
10 Sew double-fold hem
12 Iron, Pin, & Sew hem for top of curtain (large enough for curtain rod)
Curtains for under the bathroom counters Curtains for under the bathroom counters
Curtains for under the bathroom counters


missris said...

I'm jealous of all that bathroom countertop space. Quite an improvement from your last bathroom too, huh?

iris said...

missris - the whole place is quite an improvement from the last place. Except generally price & size. We sacrificed BIG TIME in those areas.

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