How To: Cotton Ball Snowflake Window Display

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

9: Hang the cotton ball snowflake lines up somewhere (a window, perhaps?)

Do you live in an area without snow? Well, look no further than this here post on how you can have a white winter.
Or, a super messy winter, if you happen to have a cat that enjoys smacking things suspended in mid-air.

0: Materials
1: Rip some cotton balls into thirds
2: Randomly distribute different size cotton balls
3: Thread cotton balls onto fishing line using a needle, a bunch all at once!
4: Once finished threading, for each cotton ball, wrap a piece of double-sided tape where you want the ball to sit
6: Repeat steps 4 & 5
7: Wrap around cardboard (2 slits at either end) to prevent tangling
Cotton ball snow display
Cotton snow display


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