Tea Review: Ginseng Oolong and Hibiscus White

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Ginseng Oolong from China

A new favorite. Ginseng oolong J got me from Shanghai. A bit like milk oolong, but with a more subtle creaminess. After a few sips, it feels like your throat's been lightly coated in cream. Delicious.

Also. There's a reality show about 'farmers' who grow ginseng in the wilds of West Virginia. Apparently, ginseng is a serious business cash crop!

Ginseng Oolong from China

And then I have this 'te blanco granada romantica' with white tea, 'granos de granada, manzara, hibisco, petalos de rosa y aroma natural' which is supposedly 'un excelente depurativo, antioxidante y querra gasas'. From the Granada leg of our Spain trip. I'd like to say, I am a giant fan of black tea with roses, but the hibiscus in this white tea is OVERWHELMING.

When I selected this tea from one of many baskets open on an outdoor table, the salesman said, "Oooh, this is the most expensive one." Which made me laugh. Ah, classic sales tactics! So while perhaps the flavor is not my favorite, it comes with memories.

Spanish Tea


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