Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Stanford Group Fitness Room
Twice a week this is where I am for 45 minutes or so. A university's group fitness room, surrounded by undergrads, trying to figure out how to move my body through physical space. My whole adolescence and young adulthood I was terrified of dancing. Still am. So now I'm attempting to desensitize myself with a series of cardio dance classes. 'Nothing like 1.5 hours of week of doing something you're really terrible at. I have no delusions of actually getting better at dancing, but there's some hope I can stop caring about how I dance.

At least half the class is also incapable of dancing, so no need to be too self conscious! No one can dance! Sometimes it's good to not be a special snowflake.


rooth said...

I think I'd be too distracted by the view to pay attention to how foolish I looked

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