Success: White Nectarine Jam with Rose Essence

Friday, August 19, 2016

White Nectarine Jam with Rose Essence
Uhhhh...Food in Jar's White Nectarine with Rose Water (substituted 1/3 the amount of Rose Essence at the suggestion of Cardamom Addict). Amazing.

From 7lbs of white nectarines to 8 half pints of this chunky pink jam with a rose aftertaste. My only issue is that I think my nectarines weren't quite ripe enough, so after the 35 minutes of boiling off the water was up, I pureed a large proportion of the mixture in the blender. The drippings were heavenly, I wonder how it will set?

7 lbs of white nectarines chopped up
Waiting for nectarine jam to not be liquid
White Nectarine Jam Reduced
Rose Essence (use 1/3 the rosewater amount)
Hot Water Canning the Jam
White Nectarine Jam Cool Down
And look at that, something to use the French oven for! I have noticed the heat needs to be a notch higher than for the stainless steel...


Marisa said...

So glad you like it! And good to know about that rose water/rose essence exchange!

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