Hence, a Chore Chart (Printable)

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Chore Chart in Action
We've been having difficulty tracking and splitting the regular chores that need to happen frequently. Hence, a chore chart is born!

I ordered custom 1" magnets from etsy/CuteCraftsEtc because it was pretty much the best price, short of purchasing my own button maker. I used Adobe Photoshop to cut each of my images into circles (using an overlay of a smaller circle, so I could see where the focal area would be, and what would become edges). I also used Photoshop to fill in any blank areas for photos that weren't perfectly centered to my focal area. The template below shows both the outer-cutting edge (black) and the inner focal area (red). The Duquesne Incline photo didn't fully fill out the outer circle, so I filled in with a matching black background.

The printable chore chart below is something I drew up in Adobe Illustrator, but I've removed all the text so the world can customize it. Just add initials and chores. Does it get any better than that?! ;)

The top grid flips back and forth between 'I' and 'J', so those responsibilities are split evenly. Those boxes can fit 1" magnets. The middle box is to count the number of meals each person contributes to. We aim for three per week, but since we often do our own things for dinner this isn't always achieved. The person who spearheaded the meal with all the leftovers tends to be the person stuck eating most of the leftovers ;)

Chore Chart in Action
I like the use of photo magnets on a chore chart, as it works as a reminder of what you're working away for. However, we were short two photo magnets for this chore chart design so I took some old magnets and gave them a makeover with some teensy tinsy on-theme fabric yoyos. You can come by cute magnets through many paths.


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