Tea Review: More Adagio Samplers!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Jade Oolong Tea
Yes and yes to this Jade Oolong Tea. I think I have a serious sweet spot for the smooth flavors of a good quality oolong. These, like other oolong I've seen, are whole leaves that unfurl as they soak in the hot water.

Peppermint Tea
Peppermint Tea from Adagio. I had not anticipated liking plain old peppermint tea this much. But it is a very nice and calming tea. 'Leaves a lovely mint aftertaste.

Not pictured
At some point I should note that I totally scarfed down Adagio's Gingerbread Black Tea over the month of December. I drank many cups of this seasonal tea each day over the holidays and failed to photograph, but it was a really fun black tea with a considerable amount of ginger and "natural gingerbread flavoring", lol.

Citron Green Tea
Citron Green Tea from Adagio. A lovely, bright tea that tastes vaguely of Fruit Loops. Really quite pleasant, with lots of fruity citrus flavors going on. Great if you like a busy tea.

Masala Chai Black Tea
Masala Chai Black Tea from Adagio. A nice, spicy black tea. 'Still prefer my rooibos chai version, but this is still quite enjoyable.

White Peach Tea
White tea will always be at the bottom of my list. Even with fruit in it. Including this White Peach Tea. It's just not that interesting? I don't know.


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