Road Trip 2.0: Big Sur

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Time to start some photo dumping, eh? J and I took a two week road trip back across the country, moving to our new abode on the east coast.

First stop, after the movers left, we loaded up the car (not quite as crazily as the last time, but still pretty bad) and headed to Treebones Resort. It's become suuuuuper out of the way with the mudslides in Big Sur. Difficult to get to, and difficult to get anywhere else. But it does have a super popular first-come-first-served sushi bar? Like camping for wealthy people.

Also, I'd maybe skip paying the extra fees for an ocean view yurt when the fog's rolling in. Treebones is usually so packed you have to stalk their Twitter for last-minute cancellations to get a spot. The mudslides have made getting-in a bit easier. Very pretty. A nice place to decompress after the stress of packing.

Above the clouds
The Treehouse
Treebones Resort
Treebones Resort
Nest Camping
Inside the yurt

Without the mudslides, the journey to Hearst Castle would've been easy peasy. With the mudslides, hours. No matter, we still made it to this grotesque mansion previously owned by one of the inventors of the precursors of clickbait news. What is with that indoor pool?

Driving to Hearst Castle
Hearst Castle
Hearst Castle
Private movie room
Hearst Castle One of the cottages
Indoor pool


rooth said...

I went to visit Hearst Castle as a child and loved it - ALL the swimming pools!

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