Alcatraz Island (California)

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Seagulls and San Francisco
Sure, you have to buy the tickets month in advance, but that didn't stop us from [finally] setting foot on Alcatraz Island just before we moved (literally, three days before the movers showed up). After much anticipation we finally got there. Yay!

The audio tour of the prison itself was alright, but the flowers and wildlife at sunset were really the absolute best. Snowy egrets, cormorants, and tons of baby seagulls. Definitely schedule in some time to walk around and enjoy the views.

Alcatraz Gardens Snowy Egrets
Alcatraz Scenery
Alcatraz Garden Wall
Feeding baby birds
San Francisco Cityscape
Golden Gate Bridge from Alcatraz (sunset)
Hard Water
Alcatraz CellsInside Alcatraz Prison
Alcatraz Sunset Silhouette


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