Painting Wooden Furniture

Sunday, September 9, 2018

When furniture is done curing, replace hardware
It's been 10 years since I last painted my entire bedroom set and updated its 90s-ness to something a little more neutral. That set was sold when we moved from PA to CA, and so here I am, furnishing a 2500 square foot house with a grad student furniture budget. We Craigslisted these two Queen Anne style end tables from separate sellers, and now I've painted them both Benjamin Moore Amarillo to match the Tardis Triangle Quilt. And they're very very cute.

One thing I wish I did, was involve the paint roller from the very beginning of the process, or to maybe purchase a reasonable paint sprayer. There is more old furniture to paint (and plenty of walls!), so it might come in handy more generally. Figuring out where we stored the power sander probably would've been helpful, too.

This round, instead of wood-filling and replacing the hardware, I chose to primer spray + paint spray the hardware a flat black enamel. They now look a little wrought iron-y, but it's pretty much the only color that would work with the sunny shade of yellow. Also, I skipped the layer of Polycrilic, and am instead having the paint cure for 30 days (it's in the guest room, this will work fine). The paint is in a pearl finish, so it should be pretty scrubbable and durable.

How To Repaint Wooden Furniture So It Doesn't Peel in 5 Years!
1. Remove furniture hardware and clean.
2. When dry, sand with medium-grit sandpaper until entire viewable surface is scuffed
3. Wipe off dust with a damp rag, let dry.
4. Apply primer with foam roller, fill in nooks/crannies with a paintbrush.
5. When dry, sand with medium grit sandpaper and wipe off with damp rag.
6. Apply paint with foam roller, fill in nooks/crannies with a paintbrush.
7. When dry, sand with fine grit sandpaper, wipe off with damp cloth.
9. Do not sand the last coat of paint. Let cure 30 days! (or cover in a coat or two of Polycrilic, similar to steps 6 & 7)

Light coats
First coat of paint, lighter than this!
Completed Repainted Yellow Nightstands
Completed Repainted Yellow Nightstands

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