Success: Avocado Deviled Eggs

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Avocado-Deviled Eggs
These Avocado-Deviled Eggs from TheKitchn are a lovely twist on the classic deviled egg. The only downside is that like all avocado-related foods, it starts to brown after time. So, despite starting off refreshingly spring green (especially if you food process the green onions), it may turn a bit brown after a bit of time. Still edible and tasty, though.

J didn't use the food processor this time around, just the mixer, so there is the occasional burst of green onion flavoring. We also used some 'Sandwich Sprinkle' in place of everything bagel spice. Pretty much any spice mix will work well, and while not necessary, definitely makes amps up the eggs' aesthetics.

Avocado-Deviled Eggs
Avocado-Deviled Eggs


rooth said...

Mmm yummm, I certainly got my deviled egg fill this weekend

Anonymous said...

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