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Sunday, April 14, 2019

NEWSFLASH: Living.Room.Looks.So.Much.Better.With.Curtain.Rod.Plants.And.Artwork.Oh.And.Cat.
Although, we still gotta work on all the patterns. There's so much going on. Simplifying needed.

Furnishing the Living Room (somewhat)
Repaint - Living Room
Trying out a new quilt, hung from a curtain rod. I like it.

Plus new lamps, some old billy balls, lavender from the wedding, random bric-a-brac from a vintage etsy shop, a picture ledge, {ficus, aloe, burro's tail, mother-in-law's-tongue} oh my!

Furnishing the Living Room (somewhat)
Curtain rod is the Cambria Premier in satin black. It's made of all metal pieces (except for the plastic/rubber connectors, which you need to hide with a sharpie marker). I'm not using any finials, because I really want a plain ball finial and all Bed Bath & Beyond has is overly complex nonsense.

Plants have been acquired from local greenhouses and supermarkets, but I still miss the old Pittsburgh greenhouse of inherited plants. The burro's tail has made it, although much smaller than its California days. New England just doesn't have the warmth.

Furnishing the Living Room (somewhat)
The hand-me-down futon is covered in 2 yards of JoAnn Fabrics fleece, which does the job (i.e., covers the split seams).
I think there's a bit too many patterns going on in here, and changing out the fleece could fix that. But this is just fine for now.

Furnishing the Living Room (somewhat)
Photos are full of the two fluff-balls trying to coexist in the sunniest room in the house. This is what we call "the cat room", as Z spent all her time in here when X was a puppy, because there was no furniture and we didn't hang out in this room.


missris said...

We are starting to give away most of our insane greenhouse in prep for our move...but I just can't bear to get rid of every single plant. I'm curious to see transporting Christmas cactus, aloe, and zz plants goes.

rooth said...

It looks so bright and colourful. Pup is so big now!! Full grown yet?

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