Double Daffodil

Friday, May 10, 2019

First Double Daffodil
Aaaand shortly after the last post on daffodils, our first double daffodil came in! Perhaps it's Extravaganza?

Also, this new one below I believe is the real Cool Flame Daffodil. The existing ones that came with the house might be a cross with daffodil poeticus.
First Cool Flame DaffodilGardening Dog

And then a couple days later, we have quite the selection of double daffodils coming in the front and backyards.
Possibly a Golden Ducat Dobule Daffodil (left) and Art Design Double Daffodil on the right?

Double Daffodil Double Daffodil in the Backyard
The joy of mixed bags of daffodils is that you don't know what you have! 'Just pretty flowers.


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