Daffodil Season

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Daffodil Bouquet
In the fall I planted a daffodil mix in the frontyard along with some double poet's daffodils. And the house came with some already planted. Seeing as the deer and rodents don't eat them, we're likely to have quite a few, and to plant even more this autumn.

At the moment, we have about ~4 varieties blooming: King Alfred, Ice Follies?, Cool Flame? and Scarlet O'Hara?. There will be more, for an extended blooming season!

Back Daffodils - May 1, 2019 Front Daffodils - May 1, 2019
Mixed Daffodil Bouquet
From May 10, 2018:
Backyard - May 10, 2018
We also have hyacinths coming in near the peonies and where the double poet's daffodils were planted! I think maybe I'll switch to grape hyacinths in the future, since they naturalized. I have my doubts about the white Siberian irises planted over there, as some rodent found the bulbs tasty...
Hyancinths - April 26, 2019


rooth said...

Spring at your house is gorgeous!

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