Garden Outfit- It Ain't Pretty

Friday, June 21, 2019

Garden Boots
Gardening outfits are not...pretty. Or, at least, not the appropriate ones. The outfit-compilations on Pinterest are not put together by people encountering ticks and mosquitoes. Bug aversion leads me to this beautiful not-Pinterest-worthy outfit compilation:
No Fly Zone socks, No Fly Zone long-sleeved shirt which gets grubby super fast (but keeps sticks from cutting into me), and a No Fly Zone boonie hat to keep the bugs off the neck and sun out of the eyes. Some old, nearly falling apart pants are also key, nothing fancy. Completed with some waterproof garden boots from Target.

The 'No Fly Zone' LL Bean gear has bug repellent built into the fabric which seems to be working. I get bit without it, and so far no bites when wearing it! Now, if only it were also snail-repellent. My garden is gross, yo.

Snails in the Garden
Slugs in the Garden


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