Success: Peach Slices with Bourbon

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Peach Slices w Bourbon
Around June 7 eastern peaches went on sale for 88 cents/pound, so naturally, I purchased 6lbs and made Marisa McClellan's Peach Slices with Bourbon from Naturally Sweet Food in Jars. The bourbon (and maple syrup, the natural sweetener) are very, very subtle, so it's mostly just peaches in their flavor.

I typically don't preserve peaches because I dislike the extra step of removing the skins. But the poaching + ice water method worked very smoothly for only 6lbs of quite ripe peaches. The Eastern peaches ripen quite quickly, and apparently the ripeness is the key to getting the skins off. I'd say this approach was easier than all the cherry-pitting I have to do for those recipes.

Peach Slices w Bourbon
I had one pint not seal. This is very unusual for me! So I got to eat a whole pint of peach slices stored in the fridge. I can vouch for their tastiness.


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