Canning: Honey Strawberry Butter

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Honey Strawberry Butter
Fruit butters, sooooo good, but so costly. 'Turns out that cooking fruit liquid down for an hour or two greatly reduces its volume. Who'd a thunk?

I followed this recipe for Strawberry Honey Butter from Ball Canning, which I found through Food in Jars. I dropped the vanilla, because I have so much strawberry vanilla in the [over-flowing] jam cabinet a the moment. Instead of 4 half pints, I got 3 half pints --> 1 pound of strawberries per half pint! Which I suppose is still only about $2 in produce, lol. There's one dollar's worth of strawberries in the little jars.

Honey Strawberry Butter - one pound of strawberries per half pint!


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