House Construction - the Driveway

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Driveway - After Construction

Once the breezeway patios + garage ramp were all newly concrete-ed, the driveway guys got to work. And we went from this (affectionately called lake H__B__):

Driveway - Lake HB this:
Driveway - After Construction

Note that it is not a lake! That it is graded so water doesn't go funneling toward the house, nor stays in a driveway lake that birds use to bathe in!

With a bit of watering, we even managed to get the grass along the edges to return!
Driveway - After Construction
Driveway - After Construction


rooth said...

Extra parking spot! I like it

M.Jack said...

Very nice post. Thanks for sharing with us.

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