The Jersey Shore

Sunday, August 18, 2019

The Jersey Shore - the beach
The Jersey Shore, an easy/cheap vacation. Book a duwop hotel near the boardwalk. Set-up camp on the beach. Boardwalk pizza or hot dogs for lunch. Or Wawa hoagies if you planned ahead. Swim/nap until the sun sets. Shower, mini golf, seafood, tiki drinks, boardwalk stroll, sleep. Repeat.

The Jersey Shore - the beach
I get such procrastination-anxiety from planning trips, but the Jersey Shore is an easy one to do. You just need a hotel room, and then there's not much else to plan unless you really want to.

I also like the shore because nearly anyone can vacation there. A day-trip is fairly easy for most people within an hour, and doesn't have to cost anything besides gas if you bring your own food & beverages. There's no caste system of who can afford fancy lounge chairs or not. Everyone's the same, and if you can lug it over 50yds of sand, you can have it at the beach (even if you can't haul it, there's beach taxis).

The Jersey Shore - Wildwood boardwalk
The Jersey Shore - Stone Harbor Wetlands Institute
The Jersey Shore - mini golf
The Jersey Shore - tired dog


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