Tea Review: Adagio Non-Black Teas Lately

Sunday, December 15, 2019

It's been awhile since I've documented the teas I've been drinking. So here goes, broken into a black teas and not-black teas post.

Maple Creme Oolong
Adagio's Maple Creme Oolong has a lot going on. It's very 'tis the season', and is a pinch reminiscent of a chai tea, but with way more emphasis on the maple. It's not something I'd want year round, but when there's 2ft of snow outside your door, it seems just right.

Maple Creme Oolong Tea

Almond Oolong
Drinking Adagio's Almond Oolong and reading about their Chestnut Oolong makes me curious. I don't think I'd purchase the Almond Ooolong again (it's good, just not wow good).
Almond Oolong Tea

Ginseng Green Tea
I got Adagio's Ginseng Green Tea with the hopes that it would be similar to the ginseng oolong J bought me in China. But of course, it does not. I'm beginning to think I'm really not a green tea drinker (unless it's matcha, mmmmmm).
Ginseng Green Tea

Lemon Meringue Green Tea
See above note about not being a green tea drinker. Adagio got me with their Lemon Meringue Green Tea during a promotional scavenger hunt to score some free tea. I like the lemon, the cream isn't super noticeable because I'm too distracted by the astringency of the green tea flavors. It's probably a fine tea for someone else.
Lemon Meringue Green Tea


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