Austria Trip: Vienna

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Vienna might be the city of gluhwein. So much hot wine! I've acquired ~4 gluhwein tea mixes on this trip, which will be good for future mulled wine nights.

Day 1 we walked around Stephansplatz and the shopping area, and then went to the Clock Museum. J somehow found a Cat Cafe, so that's how we finished the afternoon. The evening (as in all evenings in Austria), was full of schnitzel, pork roast, potatoes, and wine.
Stephansplatz, Vienna
Clock Museum (Uhrenmuseum) Vienna's Cat Cafe - Cafe Neko

Day 2 involved a butterfly greenhouse and the House of Music (great for classical music enthusiasts). We grabbed some Vienna-famous Sachertorte and caffeine.
The Butterfly House - Schmetterlinghaus
Vienna House of Music
Vienna Cherry Sachertorte

Our last day was a Monday, which can be tricky (museums close), but the original snow globe factory was open, and the Vienna Naschmarkt, too. Purchasing of chocolates, gluhwein tea, and Turkish lokum was had.
Original Viennese Snowglobemanufactur
Vienna Naschmarkt


rooth said...

Unfortunately I went to Vienna ahead of Xmas so no gluhwein - jealous!

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