Harvesting: Onions

Friday, August 14, 2020

Harvesting Bolted Onions

Truth be told, I didn't even plant onions this year. I just left a bunch of last year's onions to overwinter from the sets I planted in spring. And it seems that on the second year, onions produce a flower stalk (Today I learned...).

Harvesting Bolted Onions

I've heard that this flower stalk penetrates into the onion bulb and makes it not so edible, but we haven't noticed any problems. I've been enjoying not purchasing onions this season and just going into the garden to pull a few small onions to use instead.

Onions with a flower stem, don't seem to have problems in the bulb

I did break the flower bloom off of some of the onions, which is now browning and turning bleh, but taste is more important than appearances at this stage in the Open Garden.

Harvesting Bolted Onions

With the garlic harvested, the open garden is looking sort of gnarly anyways. Prepping for a fall planting of garlic isn't pretty! Or, rather, it's pretty in its own way.

Flower Garden prepped for onion/garlic planting in the autumn


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