Harvesting: Softneck Garlic

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

First batch of harvested softneck garlic, braided

Softneck garlic doesn't normally grow very well in the northeast, but I threw cloves from one California Early Garlic head into my low tunnel back in autumn, and now here we are with a nice little softneck garlic harvest. Softneck garlic stores longer than hardneck garlic, and it's so easy (as all garlic is) that I might grow it again next year!
Remaining 3 softneck garlics that need to be harvested

I harvested most of the California Early (softneck) a few days ago, but the latest harvest has one big, beefy head that I'm reserving for planting by keeping in warm, humid conditions (i.e., screened-in porch).
The last harvesting of the softneck garlic
July 13, 2020

The rest of the softneck garlic was braided and hung up in the garage to cure, more or less according to these instructions for curing garlic on GardenBetty.
Braiding 2 Softneck Garlics, reserving a third for planting
Hanging Softneck Garlic Up in the Garage to Dry

And a month later, I cleaned all the garlic heads by trimming the dried roots, and removing the top layer or two of papery skin. They're now hanging from their braids in the basement:

Cleanin up the Garlic for Storage
Cleanin up the Garlic for Storage
August 22, 2020


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